What’s next?

Answering the question, “What’s next?” is our sweet spot.

We walk alongside pastors, like you, who are asking, “What’s next?”

  • When trying to disciple your people through the cultural chaos of today. 
  • After losing leaders and people.
  • When you want a spiritual renewal within your congregation, but struggle. 
  • When can’t find a way to get your get your people engaged.
  • When you are tired of being CEO, not a pastor. 
  • After decision-makers won’t get on the same page.  
  • After people won’t have spiritual conversations where they live, work, study, and play. 

We walk alongside congregations, who ask the same question.

  • When they are ready to search for a new pastor. 
  • After they are tired of steady decline year after year.

We Inspire Hope

We Instill Vision

We Inform Action

We Invigorate Action

Ways We Work Alongside You

The Partnership

You can’t do it all and you don’t have to go it alone. Let’s tackle the hard stuff. We’ve GOT YOUR BACK.

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The One Thing

Do you have 1,001 things to do and feel like the gerbil wheel never ends? We can help.

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The GO Project

Is your church stuck? We have found a way to get to the other side. Our proven process can help you.

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The Fellowship

If you want deep support and guidance as you navigate your first few years of ministry, we can help.

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The Leadership Ladder

Using our exclusive proven methods, we will help you establish a leadership development process that works.
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“From my perspective, Dr. Kenneth Priddy is one of the top two or three authorities on church revitalization in the United States. His approach to renewing churches is biblically sound, practically useful, and strategically solid. If you wish to see your church be fruitful in its evangelism and outreach, I advise you to listen, learn, and leverage Dr. Priddy’s insights for kingdom growth.”

– Gary L. McIntosh, Ph.D., Professor of Christian Ministry & Leadership,
Talbot School of Theology, Biola University –

Ken Priddy

In broad strokes, I’m a ministry development practitioner, working as a trainer, consultant and coach. As Executive Director of the GO Center. I provide revitalization training, consultation and coaching for multiple denominations, small businesses and non-profits, and I periodically teach as an adjunct/guest professor/lecturer with several evangelical colleges and seminaries. My wife, Sharon, and I have four adult children, four grandchildren and reside in Richmond, VA.

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